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Why Avataara Resort & Spa?

Surrounded by expansive acres of verdant landscapes, Avataara emerges as a haven of serene allure, inviting even the most laid-back souls to unwind in its tranquil ambiance. Here, the essence of susegad life takes a leisurely pause. Imagine the canvas of your love story unfolding against a backdrop of timeless charm. Envision celebrating your special day amidst the enchanting embrace of nature and refined elegance, where our expert touch weaves magic to craft an unforgettable destination wedding experience.

  • Exceptional Accomondation

    Discover 60 exquisite rooms, providing a haven for you and your cherished guests, promising a stay that will be etched in memory.

  • Flexible Event Spaces

    From a grand banquet hall accommodating 150+ guests to lush green lawns with a capacity for 200+ guests, our versatile indoor and outdoor venues cater to your diverse event needs.

  • Tailor-Made Experience

    Our dedicated team is committed to delivering personalized catering and decor solutions, ensuring a seamless alignment with your unique theme and preferences.

  • Elevate Your Occasion

    Choose Avataara for a touch of elegance and natural grace, transforming your love story into an unforgettable chapter, marked by exceptional accommodations and versatile event spaces.


Avataara Resort & Spa stands as the perfect venue for your momentous day. Set amidst the verdant landscapes in the heart of Goa, it’s a sanctuary of serenity! Let your enduring love story unfold.

Take a glimpse at some of the captivating highlights from our previous weddings.

Key Ameneties

Personalized services, personalized catering, and decor solutions are orchestrated by our dedicated team to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience. At Avataara Resort & Spa, we redefine luxury and hospitality, creating an oasis for discerning travelers in the vibrant landscape of Bardez, Goa.

Alfresco Wedding Celebration

"All the staff members were highly cooperative with every guest attending the wedding. The cuisine was exceptional, meeting the desired taste preferences.The venue features expansive lawns overlooking the beach, creating an ideal setting for the perfect outdoor event."

Exquisite Retreat

"This resort is fantastic and offers great value for money. Situated in Bardez, Goa, it boasts one of the finest styles and ambiences compared to other resorts, with direct access to the beach. The well-maintained gardens and manicured lawns provide a tranquil hill station ambiance."

Individualized Attention

"The staff provided outstanding personal care to our wedding group of 220 guests. This property is highly recommended for corporate and family events. Delighted with our stay here!"

Destination Wedding Experience

"My sister chose this hotel for my nephew's wedding, with over 400 guests arriving from various parts of the world, and the hotel efficiently managed the check-in process."

Enchanting Venue

"An enchanting venue for our wedding nestled by the beach. Speaking of the service, I must say it was impeccably flawless and demonstrated utmost professionalism."

Tailored Culinary Delights

"Concerned about having a completely Jain menu for our son's wedding, Chef took it upon himself to craft an array of dishes, including soups, starters, main courses, and delectable desserts."


Uncover the craftsmanship of timeless moments expertly captured by our skilled photographers.


Craft an indelible honeymoon experience at Avataara, as you set forth on the path to your happily ever after…

Foster timeless memories with your beloved. Revel in intimate moments beneath the moonlit sky, savoring a personalized candlelit dinner where champagne-filled glasses echo the celebration of a lifetime together. Come and indulge in discovering enchanting moments destined to be eternally cherished.

Immerse yourself in opulence, surrender to the allure of breathtaking surroundings, and treat yourself to an indulgent extended breakfast and high tea.

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